Moving on to District History Fair competition:

Documentary: Charles Reedy ; Brown V Board and the Stand for Desegregation in Education

Group Website: Chelsie Klingensmith & Arianna Perri: Soviet Union Ballet Dancers Take a Stand and Defect

Group Exhibit: Morgan Casel & Natalia Powers: The Quakers Take a Stand with the Underground Railroad

Individual Exhibit: Autumn Cole: Galludet University and the Stand for the Deaf

Group Performance: Theresa Bernardo, Emily Farr, Ashley Gonzalez: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Stand for Women’s Rights

Group Performance: Jacob Mattson, Paul Giron , Aiden Byrd: Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Research Paper: Nathan De Jesus: Taking a Stand Against Slavery: Nat Turner’s Rebellion

This is the regional History Fair results – the most we’ve ever entered into the final District competition which is March 4 – the top 2 winners in each category move on to state competition May 7.8.9
Way to go Raiders!!! 

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